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Bend's Best Outdoor Dining

With outdoor dining becoming the norm in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, Bend restaurants have been quick to accommodate their guests with heated patios and tents. In this post, I am going to give some suggestions where you will be most comfortable under a heater this month in Bend!

First up: The Row

I used to go to The Row (the bar and grill at Tetherow Resort) more frequently in the summer and haven’t had the opportunity to dine with them until recently. Because of it’s tucked away location, it isn’t usually a place that comes to mind for lunch or dinner. After hosting an open house right across the street, we decided to grab a bite on their heated patio. I CAN’T believe it has taken me so long to get here. I think it is the most well-heated outdoor space in town. Highly recommend stopping by from 2-5PM for their Apres Ski menu. It has appetizers and drinks at a discounted price. The “quick bite” turned into a 4 hour sit-down meal and a few rounds of drinks due to the friendly service, heated patio, and good company (and of course, a successful open house). A+ 10/10 will be back soon.

Second: McKay Cottage

McKay was quick to adapt to the outdoor dining restrictions, bringing in a huge heated tent with fireplace tables to keep you warm. Still should layer up if you’re stopping by for brunch, but definitely worth visiting. And they have blankets to keep your legs warm while you eat!

Everything on their menu is incredible. I recently went for lunch for the first time (as I usually frequent this place for brunch). My mouth is watering thinking about the turkey-avacado-bacon club with tomato basil soup. Wow gonna wrap this up so I can head down there now!

Next: Bos Taurus

I can’t say enough about this place. Fine dining, steaks, ...burgers and wings? They recently changed their offerings to be a little bit more casual; however, you can still get your favorite fine dining favorites at this iconic Bend restaurant. It’s a great menu, amazing service by Max, and a wonderfully heated dining area. The tent shares space with GoodDrop Wine Shoppe. The picnic tables have a powerful heater beneath that will keep you warm for the duration of your experience! Be sure to get the smokey Old Fashioned when you go. Where else is your cocktail served in a beaker of smoke? Pretty awesome.

(My newlywed friends with a cocktail behind the camera)

Last but not least: Ariana

I didn't mean for the order of this blog post to progress in price but that's kind of how it's turning out. Ariana is the most exclusive restaurant in town - and for good reason! Their food is incredible, their service is 5 star, and they have the best "outdoor dining" setup. There are a few different dining options but we opted for the outdoor heated tent (shared with 2 other tables).

This wasn't by choice it was all that was left but I enjoyed sharing the space with other people - the other options are private and would be good if you're looking for an intimate experience. We made our reservations 10 days in advance and could only get in at 8:45 on a Wednesday. They do 30 days out by phone and 2 weeks out online! So plan ahead.

We did the 5 course tasting menu and it was such a treat. Can't recommend this place enough for both outdoor dining setup (10/10) and food (10/10).

Cheers! I hope you enjoy these restaurants as much as I do! See you out there.

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