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Sunday Funday in Bend

Couldn't think of a better first post than Sunday Funday in Bend. Bend's food and beverage scene is off the charts. As someone who makes more reservations than meals, I have the best tips for a perfect Sunday morning in Bend (but let the record show that brunch is permissible any day of the week).

I really can't recommend one option so I will give you two and let you decide. My latest favorite spot for brunch is The Lemon Tree in Downtown Bend. The owners used to be a captain and chef on super-yachts that cruised the mediterranean sea. This charming bistro offers intimate indoor and outdoor seating. When you walk through the front door you are transported to an Italian cafe. Italy is probably the most favorite place I have ever been to so this place makes me nostalgic in the best way.

If you find yourself brunching on a sunny day you can sit in the alley next to a beautiful mural of Cinque Terre - a destination the owners used to frequent in the yachty days. While the atmosphere is Italy-esque, the cuisine is a really good mix of global and traditional eats. My favorite dish is the avo-hash with salmon lox and hollandaise sauce (pictured below). I accompanied it with a passionfruit margarita, their special drink special that day. Yum!

I included a pic of Monterosso from my trip last summer to get you in the Mediterranean mood. HIGHLY recommend and you can expect to spend $15-$30/pp. Wait time on the weekend can be 30-45 min. Tell Betsy that Jake says hi if you go.

Another favorite spot of mine is McKay Cottage in Bend. This place has been here my whole life and is a staple brunch spot in Bend. This is a really good spot for families, special occasions, but especially love Sunday Funday here.

It's a rustic, cozy, homey vibe. The restaurant is a renovated historical home on the north side of Bend near Awbrey Butte. They have plenty of indoor and outdoor seating (with fire pits and blankets), so it's a great spot for any time of year.

You can't go wrong with anything on the menu. I recommend the McKay Potatoes or the Turkey Club. Wow I'm getting hungry thinking about it. And of course they have great brunch cocktails to enjoy on your Sunday Funday. Coffee liqueurs, mimosas, bloody mary's, all the breakfast libations.

My dog Tucker has a really refined taste and loves Sunday Funday here, so you I'm guessing you probably will too. :) You can expect to wait 30-90 min on the weekend and to spend $15-30/pp.

If you wanna keep the buzz going, go to Greg's Grill on the Deschutes River in the Old Mill District. They have all day happy hour (yes I said all day). We like to go here, sit on the sunny patio, people watch, and drink a heavy-poured mimosa for $6. Then if you want to shop or walk on the river trail - you're right in the middle of it all!

Keep an eye out on the river, you might see your favorite realtor paddling by.

Enjoy your Sunday Funday! See you out there.

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